Rae Borras samples the quality fly fishing, spectacular surroundings and amazing hospitality of the Auvergne region of central France.

With a long-planned salmon fishing trip to Ireland called off at the last minute, Rae heads across the English Channel to France.

He’s joining two local fly fishing experts in the stunning Auvergne region, close to the historic town of Allegra.The three anglers are fishing Lac De Malaguet, a picture-postcard venue with fabulous accommodation for anglers, run by a respected French jazz musician and his wife.


There they drift around together in a rowing boat, chewing the fat, and, after a couple of miss-haps, enjoy some brilliant sport with the lake’s hard fighting rainbow trout, lake char and brown trout on lures and dry flies.

Fully satisfied with his lake fishing, Rae heads up the stunning Loire Valley with its gorges, mountains and castles, to sample some running water sport. There he soaks up the scenery and discovers that catch and release is slowly catching on in this corner of the world, before heading back to the lake to catch his very first golden trout.

This sumptuous fly fishing programme is available free to view in the current issue of Game Fisher’s Diary – the video magazine for fly anglers everywhere. It’s split into three parts – just use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.