December 2006



8 In The Loop

Find out what’s been going on over the last month in our news roundup.


12 Letters

A selection of your rants and rambles from the TFF postbag.


16 The Knowledge

Charles Jardine continues his stillwater techniques series and explains all you need to know about fishing bloodworm and buzzers this winter.



24 The Key To Success

Top UK small-stillwater angler Fred Bainbridge reveals a simple technique that has proven irresistible to many thousands of trout.


29 To 35 Used And Abused

Here’s a selection of the products that have been put to the test by the TFF team over the last few months… and survived!


36 Tiny Flies For Tricky Fish

England ace Howard Croston talks about how you can target the better fish in your local stillwater by downsizing those leaders and fishing tiny nymphs.


41 Reader Review

Two more readers take time to test some of the latest products on the market.


42 Tackle Monster

Fancy treating yourself this Christmas? Then why not take a look at 16 of the latest products to hit the tackle shops…


48 Troubleshooter

Charles Jardine takes reader Russ Rabôt under his wing for a day at the end of Draycote Water’s season… fry feeder time!


54 Q&A

Got any nagging problems with your fly fishing? Write to our panel of experts who will ease the pain!


59 £1,000 Waterworks Lamson Competition

Here’s your chance to win one of four of the world’s most desirable performance fly reels…


60 Stopwatch

Welshman Tim Llewellyn faces the challenge of Llandegfedd’s fry feeders in a late-season Stopwatch.



66 Competition Scene

Match pundit Stuart Fraser brings us the latest results in the world of competitive fly fishing.


72 The Flies To Catch Fish

There are some ‘nymphy’ treats to trick those trout this month. Check out our four-page step-by-step guide.


76 The Game Rack

With the game-shooting season upon us, Gary Champion explains that, as well as getting a great meal, the angler can stock the tying cabinet with premium-quality feathers for next to nothing.


80 Tying Challenge

Here are the hottest shrimp patterns from the latest round and details of how to enter next month’s challenge – for cash prizes!


84 Tying Tricks

Follow TFF’s simple steps to some sneaky tricks to improve your patterns and inspire you at the vice.


92 Diary Of A Restless Angler

Fishing can be one of the most rewarding, yet frustrating, things in your life. It’s certainly been the case for John Bailey this month as he tackles the mighty mullet.


98 Weird Weekend

Legal folk and flies don’t mix, says Steve Parton, as he recounts some madcap tales from the often strange world of angling.



16 The Knowledge

Buzzers and bloodworm are the stillwater trout’s favourite feast and, therefore, THE bugs you should be looking to imitate this winter. Charles Jardine continues his in-depth series by explaining the tackle, the waters, the leader set-ups and the underwater world of the stillwater trout. Study this article and follow CJ’s advice, and you will be well on your way to consistent success in the cold.


24 The Key To Success

Fred Bainbridge, a highly successful small-water competition angler, lets us into his secret techniques in this new six-part series. Fred kicks off with his number-one method for putting fish on the bank every time: the Leaded Blob. It’s not all about stripping lures, as Fred demonstrates by combining a gaudy fly pattern with a traditional nymph fishing technique. This WILL catch you more fish!



36 Tiny Flies For Tricky Fish

We’re all looking to catch those fish that others can’t fool. Howard Croston explains just how to winkle out those fish at your local water that have ‘seen it all’. Using patterns that are more likely to be seen being cast to ultra-shy river trout, he demonstrates that you really have to think small when it comes to tricky fish.


76 The Game Rack

Want to get top-quality CDC and other feathers for tying those deadly flies… for next to nothing? Speak to a shooting friend or pop into your local butchers this winter and buy yourself a brace of game birds… and get a meal fit for a king to boot! Gary Champion explains how and where to find the best feathers for the fly tyer.


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