Tri-Cast seem very proud of the Trology 2 Competition pole which they say utilises a new and unique Multi-Lateral High Modulus Carbon combined with Ultra-Light Resins, which are infused in a specialised production process.

This is just not an ordinary upgrade of an already outstanding pole, says Tri-Cast, but the development of a brand new model encapsulating the latest technology, materials, new production processes and mandrels. All of this gives the TRILOGY PRO 2 features which tehy believe will not only please, but astonish anglers.

Lighter than ever before with a balanced feel which will make it ‘a dream’ to use, even at its full length of 16.5mtrs. The Stiffness and Response ‘has to be seen to be believed’.

An instantaneous strike action with no bounce when using both the Match and Power Kits has being achieved by the introduction of new kits produced on much steeper tapered mandrels. Each and every kit has re enforced double wrapped areas which enables the angler to drill and fit their own puller kits. Strength is there with abundance as you would only expect with a Tri-Cast pole, combined with a Quality Build, Reinforced Joints, Super Slide Finish on all sections giving the angler the Reliability of years of trouble free fishing.

“We have now produced a pole which anglers have only dared to dream about for many a long year, but we cannot stop there,” said a Tri-Cast spokesman. “We have had to also listen and take note of just how anglers require their pole to be presented and in its correct format.

“Therefore we have also increased the spares package with the introduction, as standard, our short number 3 section plus an extra Cupping kit top. So now the angler receives 2 cupping kits, 1 for use with his match kits and 1 to use with his longer power kits thus giving him very accurate feeding capabilities. All of this comes complete in our Super Deluxe Pole Holdall and with individual tubes for each spare kit and section.”

Spares Package…

1 x Match Top 4 Kit
3 x Match Top 3 Kit
3 x Big Bore Power Top 2 Kits
1 x Interex Short Number 3 Section
1 x 80cm Mini Butt Extension
1 x Re Enforced Cupping Kit Number 2 Section
1 x Re Enforced Cupping Kit Number 1 Section (Short for use with Match Kits)
1 x Re Enforced Cupping Kit Number 1 Section (Long for use with Power Kits)
2 x Cups (1 Large and 1 Small)
1 x Anglers Towel
1 x Anglers Baseball
1 x Super Deluxe Pole Holdall complete with all tubes

Pricing And Video