Happy boys – the top three in the Sensas Festival

FOUR out of four section wins and maximum 36 points for the top three anglers in the 180-entry White Acres Sensas Spring festival saw a fifth section result count back take the title and £2000 winner’s cheque to big hitter Steve Cooke.
With four from five section scores counting Ringer Bait’s backed Steve was the favourite after rattling up four straight wins, and a fifth win at Bolingey would have put the title beyond the reach of his rivals.

That clean sweep eluded Retford,
Nottingham based storeman Steve as an exciting final five hours saw both Des Shipp and Andy Dare record fourth section wins to tie on points with the week long leader.
However 44-year-old Steve pulled it out of the bag pushing home with a section second worth 8 points at Bolingey peg 31.
That bettered the efforts of twice Sensas winner Shipp, and Daiwa Trentmen’s Andy Dare who had posted section fifths earlier in the week. Classy Shipp took the £900 second placed cheque with weight advantage 348-16-0 to Dare’s 297-3-0.
Steve Cooke’s blast off commenced with an absolutely blockbusting superb 209-4-0 from Pollawyn’s often underrated peg 22, one of the point swims where he started on shallow waggler with meat before switching the heat up on 16 metre pole up in the water for a succession of carp. That result, not far off the venue record, represented a lake win that was to earn Steve another £100 for the heaviest individual match winning bag of the week. Python 32 on the second day saw Cookie record his second section win with a 31-0-0 bag of crucians and small carp across on the long pole to the island.
Gwinear on the third day saw peg 30 present another opportunity to fish long pole to an island with meat for the bulk of his 131-12-0 backed up with late down the edge lumps. It was another lake win too. The fourth maximum came from Porth’s peg 72 where his feeder rods came out of the holdall married with crumb feeder gear for skimmers and a lake second with 19-14-0 .
At Bolingey on the final day his section second placed 56-2-0 came to feeder although he added one carp down the edge. In addition to the £2000 cheque Steve’s tidy weeks work added another £800 in pools money pick-ups although he had not taken a bet with the bookmaker.


Steve Cooke in carp action on Bolingey Lake


 Overall Top 5 Final Day

Steve Cooke 36 points
391lb 14oz
Des Shipp36 points
312lb 6oz
Andy Dare36 points
263lb 7oz
Paul Greenwood35 points
282lb 15oz
Simon Colclough34 points
232lb 0oz

Full festival report by Brian Gay tomorrow

Day four

DAY four was a day for the Ringer brothers. Steve finished first on Pollawyn from un-fancied peg 55 down the arm. Steve fished meat tight against the far bank alternating two swims pinching a fish from each. His fish ranged from 1lb to 10lb and weighed 101lb 8oz.
Phil finished first on Bolingey from the far arm peg 37, not the usual flyer. Phil fished tight against the margins to take carp to 10lb for 97lb 8oz.

Steve Cooke finished first in his section again for a perfect four-section performance Steve fished Porth and weighed 19lb 14oz and will be very hard to beat.
Good news. Brian Gay had his best result without his glasses maybe he should leave them off all the time?

Lake Winners
A section Porth Lee Harrison 22lb 02oz
B section Bolingey Phill Ringer 97lb 08oz
C section Pollawyn Steve Ringer 101lb 08oz
D section Python / Trelawney Lee Kerry 85lb 15oz
E section Gwinear Mick Lees 139lb 07oz

Top 20 Overall
1 Steve Cooke 36 points
2 Paul Greenwood 35 points
3 Terry Harrison 34 points
4 Lee Kerry 33 points
5 Phil Ringer 33 points
6 Andy Dare 32 points
7 Des Shipp 32 points
8 Simon Colclough 32 points
9 Rob Pelling 32 points
10 Pete Mottram 32 points
11 Steve Mayo 31 points
12 Adam Rooney 31 points
13 Dave Lewis 31 points
14 Steve Ringer 30 points
15 Lee Harrison 30 points
16 Will Raison 30 points
17 Paul Cannon 30 points
18 Harry Billing 29 points
19 Tony Parnell 29 points
20 Ian Manning 29 points



Day Three

OVERALL winner on the third day saw Des Shipp weigh a massive 177lb from a hot area, peg 28 on Pollawyn. Des fished the ground bait feeder with red maggot in the deep water.

Second with another lake win was Steve Cooke who was on peg 30 on Gwinear and weighed in 131lb 12oz.

A new look and three stone stone lighter Andy Dare also took his second lake win at this festival, this time at Porth from peg 78 with 22lb 06oz. Andy said it’s much better now he’s lighter because he can now get to his peg on time and have five hours’ fishing like everyone else!!

Meanwhile Brian Gay, a professional photojournalist who is covering the event and fishing is having what is known in the trade as a ‘mare.

Brian so far has weighed a ‘massive’ 28lb over three matches (not good!), broken his rod twice and lost his glasses. He is not looking good for the rest of the week as now he can’t see anything, so don’t expect any pictures to be in focus when we finally get them!


Action from Pollawyn Lake.


Lake Winners Day Three

A section, Gwinear, Steve Cooke, 131lb 12oz, peg 30
B section, Porth, Andy Dare, 22lb 6oz, peg 78
C section, Bolingey, Steve Ringer, 102lb 13oz, peg 20
D section, Pollawyn, Des Shipp, 177lb, peg 28
E section, Python/Trelawney, Tony Parnell, 51lb 4oz, peg 22


Top 20 overall after Day Three



Steve Cooke

27 points


Paul Greenwood

27 points


Andy Dare

27 points


Steve Mayo

25 points


Harry Billing

25 points


Terry Harrison

25 points


Rob Pelling

25 points


Lee Kerry

24 points


Simon Colclough

24 points


Tony Wynnick

24 points


Dave Lewis

24 points


Phil Ringer

24 points


Des Shipp

23 points


John Larraman

23 points


Pete Motram

23 points


Bob Stevens

23 points


Alex Bone

22 points


Colin Mulholland

22 points


Tony Parnell

22 points


Will Raison

22 points





Day Two

Day Two started with rain and a cold easterly wind. This slowed the sport down but all the lakes still fished well. Increased stocking at Bolingey has spurred all the fish into feeding with the winner coming from the un-fancied left hand leg.

Steve Cooke retained top spot overall, and by a clear margin, with Harry Billing now in fourth and Match Fishing’s Alex Bones also in the top ten overall.

Lake winners Day 2

A section, Python/Trelawney, Derek Gladwin, 52lb 6oz, peg 9
B section, Gwinear, Andy Dare, 168lb 8oz, peg 20
C section, Porth, Steve Mayo, 20lb 9oz, peg 19
D section, Bolingey, Sean Seabright, 78lb 14oz, peg 7
E section, Pollawyn, Alex Burnes, 153lb 11oz, peg28

Top 20 overall Day 2

1 Steve Cooke 18 240lb 4oz
2 Andy Dare 18 208lb 9oz
3 Paul Greenwood 18 181lb 12oz
4 Harry Billing 18 146lb 2oz
5 Terry Harrison 18 143lb 7oz
6 Tony Wynick 18 57lb 16oz
7 Alex Bones 17 235lb11oz
8 Steve Mayo 17 122lb 9oz
9 Lee Kerry 17 81lb 8oz
10 Rob Pelling 17 73lb 10oz
11 Simon Colclough 16 136lb 10oz
12 Wayne Sharman 16 108lb 6oz
13 Marcus Harrison 16 106lb 9oz
14 Pete Bowyer 16 101lb 10oz
15 John Larraman 16 85lb 9oz
16 Colin Mullholland 16 83lb 16oz
17 Paul Connell 16 83lb 12oz
18 Phil Ringer 16 73lb 4oz
19 Gary Gibson 16 66lb 9oz
20 Pete Mottram 16 27lb 16oz


Day One

THE warm, sunny weather set the Sensas Festival off with a bang with the first day’s fishing producing a massive 209lb 4oz to Steve Cooke on peg 22 Pollawyn.
Steve caught all carp to 10lb on the long with meat shallow. 
Second on the day was Paul Greenwood, who weighed 169lb 6oz from the bridge peg on Gwinear, with third placed Richie Hull weighing in 152lb 10oz from peg 25 on Gwinear. Fourth overall was Lee Harrison on peg 31 Pollawyn, weighing 114lb 3oz.

Lake winners Day 1

A section, Pollawyn, Steve Cooke, 209lb 4oz, peg 22
B section, Python/Trelawney, Simon Colclough, 55lb 12oz, peg 9
C section, Gwinear, Paul Greenwood, 169lb 6oz, peg 28
D section, Porth, Martin Newstead, 19lb 5oz, peg 71
E section, Bolingey, Paul Hamlyn, 108lb, peg 36

Top 20 overall Day 1

1 Steve Cooke 9 209lb 4oz
2 Paul Greenwood 9 169lb 6oz
3 Richie Hull 9 152lb 10oz
4 Paul Hamlyn 9 108lb
5 Wayne Sharman 9 88lb 11oz
6 Jimmy Garside 9 86lb 2oz
7 Marcus Harrison 9 84lb 6oz
8 Harry Billing 9 83lb 11oz
9 Calvin Lemon 9 81lb 9oz
10 Simon Colclough 9 55lb 12oz
11 Tony Wynick 9 49lb 8oz
12 Bob Stevens 9 43lb 10 oz
13 Ian Manning 9 41lb 14oz
14 Andy Dare 9 40lb 1oz
15 Brian Green 9 39lb 13oz
16 Terry Harrison 9 31lb 6oz
17 Martin Newstead 9 19lb 5oz
18 Des Shipp 9 18lb 2oz
19 Rob Pelling 9 14lb 6oz
20 Paul Lamb 9 10lb 4oz