Win 100 packs of Magnatract Betaine fish attractant

We have teamed up with the makers of the amazing Magnatract attractant, Forum Bioscience, in a competition which will see 100 users of the Total-Fishing website win a pack each of the betaine fish attractant for the next three months.

Why use betaine?

Betaine (trimethylglycine) has been used for many years to attract fish and stimulate feeding. It is chemically stable and non-toxic and is produced by all living organisms, and it is significant that many aquatic invertebrates produce large amounts of betaine.
Since these animals are often their main food source, it is not surprising that fish are receptive to betaine, as a smell and taste attractant. This attractant effect of betaine makes it an ideal product to add to bait to improve bite-rate.
Following many years of research and development, betaine is now used worldwide to attract fish and stimulate feeding.

Why choose Magnatract?
Betaine isn’t just betaine. There are a number of different betaine products available, but it is Magnatract™ Betaine that is the most appropriate product for angling.
Magnatract contains 97% purity betaine for guaranteed maximum potency. The betaine is not combined with any chemicals or additives, thus ensuring Magnatract is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.
Add Magnatract™ to your bait and see the benefits:
* Totally soluble in water for the ultimate response
* Attractive to fish – whatever the season
* Extracted from a natural plant source
* Odourless
* Easy to use
* Safe to handle

Magnatract™ is the powerful betaine attractant that really can turn dreams into reality.

Available only from Forum Bioscience direct, Magnatract™ comes packaged in a re-sealable pouch containing 5 x 10g single use sachets (50g). Magnatract™ costs just £7.95 plus postage and packaging.

Forum Bioscience Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries will use your personal data entered below for the purposes of selecting the competition winners and sending out the prizes.

How to win
To be in with a chance of being one of our 100 monthly winners, all you have to do is click the Competitions button in the naviagtion bar on the left and follow the entry instructions.