Available in 10m or 25m spools in brown or green, this breakthrough in leadcore manufacture from Fox was only released after extensive underwater testing.

The idea was to come up with a finish that blends in with the majority of lake beds that would help you fool more carp, especially on pressured venues.

Fox experts call the finished article ‘adaptive’ – it works through something called a ‘disruped colour profile’ by using primary and secondary shading along short lengths of the leadcore, effectively concealing its outline.

Fox explain: “We use a unique manufacturing process that enables different colourations over a short length of lead core, making it virtually invisible underwater. Try it for yourself – you’ll be amazed!”

Abrasion resistant and made to be easily spliced, the green is best suited to weedy waters and the brown perfect for silty venues or those with a gravel bottom. Both colours are available in 45lb strengths.

Fact File

Brown 45lb x 25m
Brown 45lb X 10M
Green 45lb X 25m
Green 45lb X 10m



Short lengths of different shading help the Fox Adaptive Camou leadcore blend in with the lake bed.