Fluorocarbon continues to grow in popularity among carp anglers for a mainline choice, due to a number of qualities including low-stretch, low-visibility and strong abrasion resistance.

ASSO FluoroCasting Fluorocarbon offers all of this and more and is available now in the UK for the first time.

Made using a high-grade fluorocarbon which ASSO says has been specially engineered to be more supple than many of these types of lines can be, my test certainly confirmed that this clear/white line sits on the reel nicely and is not as springy as many fluorocarbons I’ve come across.

It sinks very fast indeed and I can also confirm that that the stretch is almost non-existent. A real option for carpers, it casts beautifully and if it were available in a slightly lighter strength (say 8lb) I could see this line also finding favour with match carp and bream anglers who fish waters where a big chuck is needed. Available on 600-yard spools with an RRP of £29.99.


Fact File
Product: ASSO Fluorocasting Fluorocarbon Mainline
Strengths/Diameters: 10lb (0.25mm); 11.9lb (0.28mm); 13.2lb (0.30mm); 17.2lb (0.35mm)
RRP: £29.99
Website: http://www.assouk.co.uk
Email: orders@assouk.co.uk