ASSO line may not be that familiar to many UK carpers, but it’s sold in over 80 countries and is a popular choice among big carp anglers in Europe.

Made from a high grade co-polymer with a fluorocarbon coating, this light brown line offers many features, and it’s now available over here.

One of its key qualities is superb abrasion resistance – said to be 6-8 higher than some other lines. It’s fluorocarbon coated and fast-sinking too, and has noticeably low strength even in the thicker diameters, making it a king of good middle ground between braid mainline and normal mono.

It’s also virtually memory free, meaning it peels beautifully off the reel and casts very well indeed. Tetramax is supplied in bulk 1200-metre (1320-yard) spools which carry an RRP of £24.99, but you can get hold of it for under £20 and in my opinion that represents very  good value indeed.


Fact File
Product: ASSO Tetramax line
Strengths/Diameters: 10lb (0.28mm); 12lb (0.30mm); 15lb (0.35mm); 20lb (0.40mm)
RRP: £24.99 (available at the time of writing at £19.99)