Quite an unusual hook bait offering this, because you get a range of sizes in the same pot and the hook bait itself, although a pellet, is soft enough to drill without any risk of splitting.

You could even side-hook it if you wanted, although hair rigging is the best way to go in my view.

The pellet itself is very high leakage and believe me when I tell you it don’t half pen and ink as you would expect from a protein rich product containing krill, shellfish, squid and mollusc extract. It’s maliable, and can be cut or worked into any shape or size you want.

A must have for the barbel angler.

* Gareth Purnell, Total-Fishing.com

Product: Bait Tech Hybrid Barbel Hook Baits
Size: 225ml pot
Price: Expect to pay around £4.99 a pot
Website: http://www.bait-tech.com