I recently organized a video shoot for Fishing TV in which shore angling guide Sean McSeveney took a look at some of the tackle and accessories on offer from WSB.

Sean fishes a great deal for bass, and these new Super Shrimps which are available in natural and red were his favourite products.

The shrimps are 7cm in length with a clear glitter body, a curved fluorescent tail that carries the casting weight and a paddle tail end tucked under the body.

They are mighty realistic I have to say with the eyes sitting on stalks behind the bright red feelers and a set of ten lifelike flexible legs underneath the body.

The hook sits on top so that the shrimp can be worked backwards in jerks through weeds, over sand and in between rocks without snagging. And they look great in your lure box!

They are part of an extensive range of jellies from WSB that are new for 2013.

* Gareth Purnell, Total-Fishing.com

Product: WSB Super Shrimps
Options: Natural and Red
Length: 7cm
Price: Retailing at around £2.99 for a pack of two
Website: http://wsbtackle.com