The Angling Trust Schools National made its way to the wonderful Hallcroft fisheries in Retford for its inaugural run out and once more was generously sponsored by Daiwa. Although forecast, the heavy rain and thunderstorms abated and with plenty of room across Moat, Reed and Canal pools the young anglers took the opportunity to bag up on carp and silvers.

Dinnington High School match fishing team 2017
The Dinnington High School match fishing team 2017 – they came second.

Competition for the team win was fierce with anglers from both Dinnington and Campsmount catching quality carp late on.

At the scales it still wasn’t clear who had taken the team win, with both teams carding multiple top threes and it was only when all the results were in that It became apparent that Campsmount Academy had edged the day by one point!


Dinnington finishing a valiant second on 35 points and Outwood Academy rounding off the top three on 29 points.

Individually, Luke Easy made it look, well, very easy with an impressive 20.775kg from Moat Outer 18. Fishing for his Dinnington team, Luke caught some quality carp across on the pole and pellet.

Second on the day was Kitty LeBosquet with 15.525kg from Canal Pool 16. Kitty really closed the gap late on with a spell of carp down the edge.

Completing the top three was Kian Rusling who pushed Kitty right to the wire with 15.425kg in the five hours.

Team Results:

1. Campsmount Academy (main image), (7,5,7,9,8) 36 points
2. Dinningtoon High School, (9,8,9,4,5) 35 points
3. Outwood Academy Valley (8,6,6,6,3) 29 points

Individual winner Luke Easy
Individual winner Luke Easy

Individual Results:

1. Luke Easy, Dinnington High School, 20.775kg
2. Kitty Le Bosquest, Sanwick Hall A, 15.525kg
3. Kian Rusling, Campsmount Academy, 15.425kg




The Angling Trust would like to thank Daiwa for all their continued support with this event providing prizes for the competitors taking part and to Bob Dyer, Brian Hull and Julie Abbott for helping out on the day.