British weight manufacturer Dinsmores has developed a process for coating and colouring its standard non-toxic shot, meaning that it’s now possible for the angler to try and match the shot colour to the bottom you are fishing over.

The technique has been applied to its Egg Shot range available in its five-size dispensers, covering AAA down to No6.

You can get three colour styles. ‘Weed’ is a lightish green; ‘Silt’ a very dark grey and ‘Gravel’ a light brown – all of them with a non-reflective finish.

As with the existing Egg Shot range, they are pliable enough to easily take off with you nail and will not damage the line.

The packaging shows how to use them with a pop-up boilie set-up for carp fishing, and indeed they carry Dinsmores Exclusive Carp Solutions branding. But of course they have other applications too, including when link legering on rivers for species like chub and barbel.


Dinsmores Coloured Egg Shot

Fact File
Product: Dinsmores Coated Egg Shot
Styles: Silt, Weed, Gravel
Sizes: Come in dispensers holing AAA, BB, No1, No4 and No6 sizes
Price: About £5.99 for a dispenser