Drop shotting is gaining a real foothold in the British lure fishing scene and Midlands weight manufacturer Dinsmores has been quick to react with a range of non-toxic, camo-coated Drop Shotting Weights which bear all the characteristics needed for what can be a real finesse technique.

The coating is the first major feature worth highlighting. Dinsmores is a master of unique finishes to weights, and these utilise its zero-reflection coating, which can be so important when there such a high chance of spooking wary fish in clear water.

The shape is important too, and these follow the accepted tube profile, which when cast under-arm into tight spots enters the water with almost no disturbance, and allows you to readily fish in amongst the snags and weed where the best fish so often lie up.

The weights all feature a ‘self clinching clip’. Simply slide the fluorocarbon leader through the eye and push up to the closed part of the eye and it will hold in place, but can be quickly moved when a change of depth is needed. It also slides off if it snags up.

There are two or three in a pack depending on size and the packaging features clear colour diagrams of how to rig up for drop-0shot fishing, which is best done with a braid mainline. The price is also right and cheaper than some of the tungsten versions out there.  


Fact File
Product: Dinsmores Drop Shotting Weights
Sizes: 3gr, 5gr, 8gr, 10gr, 15gr and 20gr
Price: Expect to pay about £2.99 a pack
Website: www.dinsmores.co.uk

Dinsmores drop shots