There are several ways to attach pellet wagglers. Some anglers like to use a split shot, although the disadvantage here is that the shot can ping off the line under pressure and also can weaken the mainline at a key point.
Another option is to use loaded wagglers, although I tend to find that with the weight up inside the float they don’t cast ‘true and this is exacerbated in poor weather conditions, plus they dive too deep, which is no use when the fish are very shallow. I’m not a fan.
The third option does away with the need for shot altogether by using a weighted waggler adapter, and Dinsmores have introduced a version of this type in six sizes. With the weight required to set the float correctly all in a ball right at the base of the float but not inside it, the float casts straight as an arrow and with no other weight needed on the line, the system is completely tangle-free.
Two pins are held to the line by silicone tubing (you can add a couple of twists under the silicone to keep firmly in place) and very importantly you can adjust the depth you are fishing at quickly without any danger of damaging the line. The float base attaches using the thicker silicone tubing on the thicker third arm.
Finished in Camou Green, you get two in a pack and the sizes available are 1.6gr (1SSG), 3.2gr (2SSG), 4.8gr (3SSG), 6.4gr (4SSG), 8gr (5SSG) and 9.6gr (6SSG). Another beauty of the system is that it allows you to easily change to a bigger or smaller float to suit changing conditions and casting requirements, without breaking down your gear, simply by changing the adapter and the float used. Expect to pay just under £2 for two.

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Dinsmores 2 Pellet Waggler Adapters
RRP: £1.99 for two adapters in a pack

Dinsmores Pellet Waggler Attachments