Frenzee fishing products bills the Smartcut as ‘a revolutionary cutting device’ that will permanently end the guesswork of cutting too much or too little of your pole to fit the relevant bush.
It’s certainly well thought out, and of course it dovetails with the Frenzee i-bush or s-bush that comes with the pack and will fit perfectly every time.
The i-bush is an internal bush and the s-bush an external and a feature of the Frenzee range is that they make outsize bushes that allow you to cut back to suit very heavy elastics and real bagging situations.
The pack comes with a tough ‘cutting tool’ into which you push the end of your pole section.
It also comes with a fine file with a nice, rubberised grip, which you use to cut through with a sawing motion.
The slot in the cutting tool ensures the cut is in exactly the right place to fit the bush straight over it, and the excess carbon comes away neatly with no splintering.
I have tested the Smartcut many times over the last 18 months and it works a treat and frankly at under £7 is just excellent value for money in my opinion.
Available in large, medium and small with either the i-bush or the s-bush option.

Fact File
Frenzee Smartcut
Price: £6.99


Use the cutting tool to position the pole section and the file to cut it in exactly the right position for the bush.
The Smartcut comes in three sizes with either en internal or external bush.