The first thing that strikes you about these thermal socks is the super-soft inner, which is created by an intense brushing of the material that results in more of the heat being retained inside.

The socks are made from what’s described as an insulating yarn – a combination of acrylic, nylon, polyester and elastane – that not only provides high performance insulation against the cold, but also ‘superior moisture wicking’ abilities – designed to pull moisture away from skin. It’s knitted in an extra-long looped cushion pile, which holds in more warm air, increasing the tog rating to 2.3.

The company says this makes them seven times warmer than an ordinary sock and over double the tog rating of a standard thermal sock.

Given that we got these in purple the wife has been trying them out (!) and is seriously impressed. Heat Holders are available in men’s, ladies and children’s versions in eight colours for each and two lengths, plus striped versions.

* Gareth Purnell,

Product: Heat Holders Thermal Socks
Options/colours: Original and Long. Choice of eight colours
Sizes: Men’s 6-11; Ladies UK 4-8
Price: £6 per pair (Original); £8 per pair (Long)