Frenzee caters for the pole angler who likes to cut back his pole kits heavily for bagging on commercials. Their i-bushes are the widest bore bushes on the market that I’ve come across, and these Precision Pole Pots dovetail with them perfectly.

The pot actually slides onto the bottom of the external i-bush and locks in place right at the end of your pole, just where you need it. So there’s no more having to reach out to get the pot over your rig because your pole pot only secures several inches down the top section of your pole, an issue mos t of us have faced.

There are two sizes in each pack – a shallow and a deep, and each comes with a hinged lid which allows you to ‘sprinkle’ feed baits like micro pellets rather than dump them in one go, should you choose. The RRP is £4.99



Frenzee’s Precision Pole Pots fit right over the end of the pole when used with the firm’s i-bushes, so no more having to reach forward to feed right over your pole rig…