Classic ‘CEMEX Ultimate Quarry’ footage as Solar’s Martin Locke is your guide to the 11-acre Yateley Match Lake, a venue which gives you a real chance of that fish of a lifetime.

Martin is on hand to reveal some of his favourite carp rigs for waters like this, and he catches a fine Match Lake carp for the cameras using stalking tactics and a simple running leger and maggot rig.

Martin discusses various rigs, including his favoured ‘over-weighted pop-up rig’ for weedy waters. He also discusses hair rig length in depth, and why he fishes a longer hair than most.

Martin also runs through how to set up a PVA bag with an inline rig in a way that allows you to fish PVA at long range without losing casting accuracy. He also tells us why he always uses anti-tangle tubing and lead core leaders in his set-ups when he can.

The programme is very informative and includes some cracking footage of big, cruising carp, plus some incredible underwater footage of Church Lake carp, grass carp, perch and tench in the crystal clear water. It was filmed when Yateley Match Lake was available on a day ticket.

It’s FREE TO VIEW ON THIS WEBSITE in November’s issue of Carp Channel Monthly until December 2nd.