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Techno Dog (Stillwater)

This pattern is equally effective for brown trout as it is for rainbows, which is a bit of a rarity. It can be fished on all lines, but for best results go for a sinking line of some description because this means it can retrieved relatively quickly on an even plain. A roly-poly can be […]

How To Tie A Shock Leader Knot

Step-by-step guide on how to tie to a shock leader knot. Why Use A Shockleader? Using a shockleader is very important where any sort of power casting is involved. As a general rule, sea anglers allow 10lb of breaking strain leader for every ounce of lead they are casting but the shock leader also has it’s place in coarse fishing […]

The Seven Best Carp Baits

Simon Scott reveals his all time top seven carp baits, in reverse order, and explains why he believes they are so good. THE carp market today is awash with quality baits. For the young or inexperienced angler this can be a nightmare. How do you know which bait to use? Out of all the baits […]

Bomber Rig

How to tie the Bomber Boom Rig The Bomber Rig This rig is well known on the match scene the length and breadth of the country. It allows you to fish two long hooklengths that both clip down to the same bait clip. Because of the length of the snoods, this rig is ideal for […]

Cudmore Fisheries – Whitmore, Staffs

The New Home of Fish O Mania NATIONALLY known for its tremendous pleasure & match weights and variety both winter and summer and now the home of the prestigious Fish ‘O’ Mania final and the Go Fishing show, Cudmore Fisheries has a vast array of facilities and fishing that will interest the match, club, pleasure, […]

Leader Knot

How To Tie The Leader Knot   Step-1……First tie an overhand knot in your shockleader. Step-2……Thread the main line through the overhand knot. Step-3……Use a pair of pliers to now pull the knot tight. Step-4……Pull about eight inches of the main line through the knot. Step-5……Cut off the line that has been damaged by the […]

Fly Lines Up Close

The Future Of Fly Lines Under the watchful eye of production director and fly-line guru Richard Wothers, Airflo has been first to the market with density compensation (to make sinking lines sink tip first), PolyFuse technology, variable buoyancy and, arguably, the smoothest welded loops on the market. One of the latest breakthroughs is Ridge technology […]

All You Need Is a Floater

Spring might well be just around the corner but, realistically, it’s still winter and the days are not exactly warm, and insect activity is sparse to say the least. Even during the ‘warm’ lunch time period you may only see the odd midge. The mornings are bleak and misty and do not inspire much confidence […]