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Drake Finesse Small Eyed Slider

Drake Finesse Small Eyed Slider Benwick Sports is the No1 source of the excellent Drake Floats and I’m lucky enough to have been sent some for review. They are not the first Drake wagglers I’ve had – I bought some super-long, straight Drake wagglers for fishing the Wide Welland and the North Bank of the Nene […]

Dinsmores Pellet Waggler Adapters

There are several ways to attach pellet wagglers. Some anglers like to use a split shot, although the disadvantage here is that the shot can ping off the line under pressure and also can weaken the mainline at a key point. Another option is to use loaded wagglers, although I tend to find that with […]

DJK Float Range

Dick Clegg has joined forces with Kevin and Jim Leach to bring a new range of pole floats to the market manufactured from super-tough materials and all aimed directly at the angler who targets commercial fisheries. The range from Barnsley (England) based DJK uses what Dick describes as an ‘almost indestructible, space-age foam body material’ […]

Floats For All Seasons

Unless you’re an angler who has been stuck on a desert island for the past 30 years you will probably be familiar with the name Dave Harrell. If you have been stuck on that island, allow me to bring you up to date. Dave’s a former England international who has won hundreds of big competitions […]

Meet The NG XT FLoat Range

Float maker Nick Gilbert brings four new commercial fishery pole float to the market. Nick says: “I have been working with one of Europe’s top float manufacturers who have produced a range of hand assembled floats built to my spec. The advantage of these is they are available from stock ready to post within 24 […]

GURU Micro Lead Clips

Match anglers have been having to tinker around with specimen carp gear for ages, but Guru are making it easier thanks to their close connections with Korda and these micro lead clips are a perfect example. The design of this lead clip ensures that your feeder or lead can be released from your set up […]

Guru Tackle MWG Barbless Hooks

Guru has two new barbless eyed hook patterns out aimed squarely at the commercial fishery match carp angler – one with an offset point (the QM1) and this one, the MWG, with a straight point. The MWG stands for Match Wide Gap. It’s an extremely strong hook even in the smaller sizes and as you […]

Klear Controllers

Plenty of thought has gone into these surface floats from the Korum stable. For a start the material used to create the float’s body is subtle, slightly green and translucent and Korum claim it to be resistant to ‘flashing’ – all of which will help reduce the chance of spooking feeding fish in the upper […]

Fox Match Soft Steel Mainline

Fox Soft Steel has had a major following among specialist anglers for years, and now it’s available in the Fox Match range. It boasts a slight greeny-grey colour which gives is low visibility characteristics in water, and is very smooth. Most of all this is a tough, ultra reliable reel line that’s ideal for situations […]

PR311 Hooks

I think it’s fair to say that Preston Innovations made their name in tackle for commercial fisheries. But they make plenty of quality gear for natural waters including with the famous PR range of hooks. The PR Competition Match range of hooks includes these, the micro barbed PR311. This is a fine wire spade end pattern […]

Real Ideas Hook Ups

I was a touch slow on the uptake with the use of these Hook Ups from Nick Palmer’s Real Ideas range (he of the Clever Claw). When I first used them they slid along the pole and basically I thought they didn’t work properly. Then I watched a You Tube video of them in action […]

Precision Particle Pole Pots

Frenzee caters for the pole angler who likes to cut back his pole kits heavily for bagging on commercials. Their i-bushes are the widest bore bushes on the market that I’ve come across, and these Precision Pole Pots dovetail with them perfectly. The pot actually slides onto the bottom of the external i-bush and locks […]

Guru N-Gauge Line

In anglers like Steve Ringer and Alex Bones, Guru, and offshoot of the Korda brand, boasts some of the most experienced and talented commercial fishery matchmen in the land, and anything they bring out is worth a second look. This high-tech Japanese co-polymer mono line is quite low stretch and designed with hooklengths and pole […]

Adaptive Camouflage Leadcore

Available in 10m or 25m spools in brown or green, this breakthrough in leadcore manufacture from Fox was only released after extensive underwater testing. The idea was to come up with a finish that blends in with the majority of lake beds that would help you fool more carp, especially on pressured venues. Fox experts […]