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Preston Thicker Peacock Wagglers

At about six inches long these wagglers made from thicker than average, quality peacock quill are ideal for many commecial fishery situations, such as when you need to support heavier baits like fishing meat or sticky paste up in the water, and the thicker bouyant tip means that you can combat tow when fishing overdepth. They […]

Chub Sat-A-Lites SL-200 Head Torch

Chub Sat-A-Lites SL-200 Head Torch This is the head torch I have been using all year and I have to say I am very impressed. I have used several head torches over the years and all of them have proved to be eminently breakable, but not the SL-200 which is still going strong. The head […]

Frenzee Smartcut

Frenzee fishing products bills the Smartcut as ‘a revolutionary cutting device’ that will permanently end the guesswork of cutting too much or too little of your pole to fit the relevant bush. It’s certainly well thought out, and of course it dovetails with the Frenzee i-bush or s-bush that comes with the pack and will […]

Greys Prodigy Feeder Rods

Prodigy Feeder Rod Feeder rods with a difference. Lots of rods on the market are adequate, but just don’t have the right feel. With the Prodigy Feeder we have managed to combine peak performance with pleasure in action. Feeder fishing isn’t all chuck and chance it. There’s an art to it and our range lets […]

Preston Innovations Pole Support

Preston Innovations Pole Support Fitting all popular leg and seat box systems, this support is totally height adjustable making it ideal for all pole fishing applications. The support roller is ultra rigid when in use and has a profiled head which rolls – making pole positioning absolutely perfect, especially if you are fishing tight to […]

Greys Klip-Lok Bait Boxes

Klip-Lok Bait Boxes After much research, Greys have designed the ultimate bait box range, aimed at being both retailer and angler friendly. The revolutionary Klip-Lok boxes are in fact octagonal but retain a square shaped profile because their corners are only lightly angled. This gains a major USP in that no other bait box lids […]

Chub Vizor Bivvy

Now available – the Chub Vizor Bivvy and Extreme Canopy in 1 or 2 man versions. RRP’s – • Vizor 1 man £299.99 • Extreme Canopy 1 man £199.99 • Vizor 2 man £349.99 • Extreme Canopy 2 man £219.99 Chub’s latest advanced all season bivvy system has taken bivvy development to a new level , with its radical […]

Greys Prodigy TX Rods

Greys Prodigy TX Rods Greys set out to develop a range of top quality light specimen rods at affordable prices and with the new generation Prodigy TX Specimen rods they’ve done just that!  These high modulus, optimum performance rods are fitted out with full sets of hard wearing SIC line guides and offer a popular […]

Greys Prodigy VX Rods

Greys Prodigy VX Rods The stunning new top-of-the-range Prodigy VX rods are made from super high modulus carbon, generously kitted out with full SIC line guides, custom made carbon screw locking reel seats, quality cork handles, hook keeper rings and laser etched butt caps. The finish is a discreet satin black with minimal, pleasing graphics. […]

Chalk Stream Roach – The Ultimate Challenge

John Searl Roach Book Launch By Mark Wintle A year’s hard work came together when John Searl’s roach book, ‘Chalk Stream Roach – The Ultimate Challenge’ was launched at the Land’s End pub near Twyford, Reading on Saturday 21st November. Following the success of his limited edition book ‘A Brush with the Avon’ published two […]

Carp Logic Mimiks Mixers

Some imitation baits look the part, but are next to useless at catching clever fish because they are too buoyant or too heavy. With Anchor Tackle’s ‘Carp Logic’ fake baits, you can be assured that plenty of research has gone into studying the density of the bait so that once you have a hook attached, […]

Esca Lures

These amazing lures light up in saltwater, incredibly without the need for any batteries, and mimic the natural lights in the sea that triggers a feeding response from predator fish. The company’s name comes from the Latin name for the antenna used by the angler fish – the esca – to attract its prey. It’s […]

Bag ‘Em Micro Fluoro Boilies

Totally unique, unflavoured, fluorescent 6-8mm hi-vis boilies in orange, green and pink. Micro boilies are the ideal hook bait when fishing venues where a mixed bag of carp and silver fish are needed to win the match. They are deadly when fishing venues for skimmers and bream, the hook bait is also attractive to any […]

Chub SL300 Lantern

A new lantern for the night angler that’s lightweight, versatile and lasts for up to six days, the Chub SL300 is a sure-fire winner. Powered by three 1.5V D size batteries (not included) which are very easily replaced, the light comes from three 1W Nichea White LEDs which provide bright illumination in a confined space […]