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ASSO Tetramax Fishing Line

ASSO line may not be that familiar to many UK carpers, but it’s sold in over 80 countries and is a popular choice among big carp anglers in Europe. Made from a high grade co-polymer with a fluorocarbon coating, this light brown line offers many features, and it’s now available over here. One of its […]

Dinsmores Coated Egg Shot

British weight manufacturer Dinsmores has developed a process for coating and colouring its standard non-toxic shot, meaning that it’s now possible for the angler to try and match the shot colour to the bottom you are fishing over. The technique has been applied to its Egg Shot range available in its five-size dispensers, covering AAA […]

Dinsmores Drop Shotting Weights

Drop shotting is gaining a real foothold in the British lure fishing scene and Midlands weight manufacturer Dinsmores has been quick to react with a range of non-toxic, camo-coated Drop Shotting Weights which bear all the characteristics needed for what can be a real finesse technique. The coating is the first major feature worth highlighting. […]

Silverlite Duo Float

Benwick Sports is the best retailer for specialist floats that I know – in some ways in this carp dominated world I see them as helping to keep the world of specialist float making alive and kicking in the UK. They have several new additions to their extensive range of wagglers under the Silverlite banner […]

Asso Super Fluorocarbon

Asso line from Italian manufacturer Gruppo is now available to UK anglers, with a range of main and hooklength lines for fresh and saltwater anglers. Gruppo has been producing lines since the 1970s and offers and impressive selection of monofilaments and co-polymers and is especially well known for its fluorocarbons and fluorocarbon coated lines. The […]

Bag-Up ‘BOBBA’

Whether or not you are a fan of the bagging waggler, there’s little doubt these Bag-Up Bobbas from Feeders Direct are going to be effective. The key is that the design means that there’s no chance of the float and therefore the hook bait diving beneath the fish as it hits the water, which is […]

MacWet Sports Gloves

Normal gloves are all but impossible to use efficiently when fishing because of all the fiddly bits, and with fingerless gloves, when it’s really cold you can end up feeling like your fingers are going to drop off any minute. These sports gloves may be the answer, because they are tight fitting and made from […]

Scoopy Pellet Cone

Constructed using a soft and flexible plastic casing rolled into a cone shape and secured to a slightly curved lead at the back, these Pellet Cones ‘give’ slightly when packed with soaked pellets. Once in the water the reverse happens and the feed is forced out of the thick end and towards your hook bait, […]

Ash Francis Dacron Pole Connectors

These ready-made Dacron pole connectors are being supplied at a price that makes sense by Ashley Francis. Personally I have gone back to the Stonfo type of connectors for soft elastics of No5 and lighter, but for anything bigger Dacron is my favoured choice. They take the rig loop nicely away from the elastic and […]

Bait Tech Hybrid Barbel Hook Baits

Quite an unusual hook bait offering this, because you get a range of sizes in the same pot and the hook bait itself, although a pellet, is soft enough to drill without any risk of splitting. You could even side-hook it if you wanted, although hair rigging is the best way to go in my […]

WSB Super Shrimps

I recently organized a video shoot for Fishing TV in which shore angling guide Sean McSeveney took a look at some of the tackle and accessories on offer from WSB. Sean fishes a great deal for bass, and these new Super Shrimps which are available in natural and red were his favourite products. The shrimps […]

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

The first thing that strikes you about these thermal socks is the super-soft inner, which is created by an intense brushing of the material that results in more of the heat being retained inside. The socks are made from what’s described as an insulating yarn – a combination of acrylic, nylon, polyester and elastane – […]